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Juul Labs to launch updated JUUL2 device

September 28, 2021

Credit: Juul Labs

Vape manufacturer JUUL Labs is launching its next generation system, JUUL2, in the UK this week.

The firm describes the launch as its “latest step in its mission to transition more adult smokers from combustible cigarettes”.

The new device promises a more consistent vapour experience that, its says, will compete with combustible cigarettes. The newly-designed device includes larger, longer-lasting battery, and smart light system which shows users the remaining e-liquid level and battery life available.

The new device also includes technology to prevent unauthorized use, such as the inclusion of JUULpod ID to further combat against counterfeit pods and underage use.

The device launches online on Thursday with two flavours of JUUL2 pods, Tobacco and Menthol JUUL2 pods (18 mg/mL nicotine strength), available.

A retail roll-out is, meanwhile, planned for early 2022, and all UK retailers stocking JUUL products will continue to uphold the company’s ‘Challenge 25’ age verification policy, which includes continued mystery shopping audits.

Juul Labs’ EMEA VP, Dan Thomson said: “We are pleased to launch the next-generation JUUL2 in the UK. A key part of our mission is to transition adult smokers away from cigarettes, the leading cause of preventable death in the world, killing some 90,000 Britons annually. We believe the best method to switch adult smokers from combustible cigarettes to a potentially less harmful, non-combustible alternative, is to provide a product that closely resembles the consistency and experience of smoking. With JUUL2, we believe we are taking another step in that direction as we aim to transition even more adult smokers.”

Thompson added that the focus on avoiding underage sales would help build trust for the new brand:

“We have focused our resources on the development of technologies aimed at transitioning smokers and combating unauthorised and underage use and we have a product roadmap in place to accomplish that for years into the future. “All testing and market launches are preceded by thorough notification and engagement with regulators. The initial user testing has received positive feedback and we look forward to continuing to offer adult smokers further alternatives to combustible cigarettes.”