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JUUL boss on the importance of a great vape display

September 7, 2020


JUUL’s sales director John Patterson tells Vape Business why stores need to focus on their vape display this autumn. 

Why is a great display for the vape category so important?

Smokers and existing vapers have multiple channels in which to shop for vaping products. It is vital that in order to get their fair share of the category and its growth, independent retailers have a professional, well-managed display to gain and retain customers.

John Patterson is sales director of JUUL in the UK

What does a great display look like in a convenience store?

Vaping displays which are clean, well merchandised and provide a range of alternatives to cigarettes will have greater appeal for an adult smoker looking to switch away from cigarettes and increase the likelihood that they will continue to purchase from your store. Just as in other categories, a well-disciplined vape display based around the best-selling products will also deliver additional sales and revenue for the retailer.

How can stores best communicate the range they stock?

Smokers are generally creatures of habit; they buy the same brand of cigarettes using the same store to purchase their tobacco. Unlike tobacco, there are no display restrictions on vaping products so retailers can have them visible in store. The shopper journey starts outside the store, so we would recommend, where the local council permits, an A-frame outside the store calling out that the store stocks JUUL. Then we look at windows and door point of sale to highlight any NPD or promotions inside.

What regulation should stores be mindful of when creating their vaping displays?

No e-cigarette devices, liquids, pods or capsules can be sold to persons under the age of 18. It is an offence to do so and both the store owner and the member of staff involved can be held responsible so the sale must be refused. In Scotland, it is mandatory for every retailer who sells vaping products to operate an age verification policy with the minimum verification age of 25.

What other advice do you have to ensure stores sell vapes responsibly?

If an adult smoker purchases a vaping product for a minor, this is also an offence. Retailers should refrain from selling vaping products to adults if they think that these are being passed on to those underage. Juul Labs UK mandates a “Challenge 25” policy for all retail stockists and our operations are underpinned by our code of practice, going above and beyond to ensure responsible and restrictive advertising, marketing and age-gated product access.