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JTI launches heat-not-burn challenger Ploom

November 2, 2020


JTI is entering the heat not burn category in the UK with its Ploom system available in London from today (2 November).

The company – which also owns the Logic vaping brand and Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches range – is bringing the second-generation Ploom S device to the capital. Alongside two Ploom stores – in Argyle Street and Westfield London in White City – 60 independent retailers and vape shops will also be approved sellers of the Ploom system.

Credit: JTI

Announcing the launch, JTI’s communications manager Sarah Connor, said: “We’ve been monitoring the heated tobacco market in the UK for the past couple of years and we have seen significant growth in the past last 12 months of 270 percent, and 100 percent since the beginning of 2020.”

The Ploom system is the first major challenger in the UK to Philip Morris’s IQOS system. It is seen by JTI as an evolution of the heat not burn sector, dealing with some of the limitations of IQOS such as the so-called “puff limit” that mean IQOS users can only take 14 puffs per HEET stick. There is no such limit for Ploom and each EVO stick lasts for four-and-a-half minutes, though IQOS says HEET sticks can last for up to six minutes.

One full charge you can use 20 EVO sticks and the Ploom device takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

Four flavours of EVO sticks are being launched for use with the Ploom device. These include the full-bodied Bronze, smoother Sepia, a menthol flavoured Emerald flavour as well as a berry menthol Purple flavour.

Credit: JTI

While the device has an RRP of £89 it is being launched with an introductory deal of £39 which includes five packs of EVO sticks. The standard RRP for EVO sticks, meanwhile, will be £4.50.

Among upcoming plans to support Ploom, a number of venues are being signed up where consumers can use the device where tobacco is overwise restricted.

JTI says it aims to have one million users of Ploom in the UK by 2025. Retailers in London who wish to stock Ploom should contact their JTI sales reps, the company says.