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IQOS owner adds new Teak variant to HEETs range

December 2, 2020

Credit: IQOS

Philip Morris has launch a new Teak flavour for its HEETS sticks. The company describes the new flavour as “a toasted tobacco blend with nutty aromas”.

The new flavour variant is available to retailers through wholesale channels, as well as direct through its team of reps. This new product, the eighth variant available in the UK, is an addition to the existing Green Menthol, Turquoise, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Sienna and Sienna Caps HEETs.

The launch accompanied the news that IQOS is now the leading heat-not-burn brand worldwide.

Christian Woolfenden, managing director at Philip Morris Limited in the UK and Ireland, said: “IQOS is the number one heated tobacco product on the market across the world, with more than 16 million users in over 60 countries. We’re now seeing real success with IQOS in the UK. But, with almost seven million smokers in the UK, there’s more work to be done to help those who would otherwise continue to smoke switch to less harmful alternatives.

“Thousands of local convenience stores already stock IQOS and our HEETS heated tobacco sticks, and we’re now seeing increasing numbers of national retailers looking to meet customer demand in this growing category. With an unparalleled success rate in helping smokers make the switch from cigarettes – seven in 10 users worldwide have stopped smoking and switched to IQOS – it’s no surprise that customers across the country are seeing its benefits.”