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Innokin launches new Trine pod system with 3 in 1 structure

January 12, 2024


Leading vape brand Innokin has on Thursday announced the launch of Trine, redefining the structure of pod systems, namely: Atomizer, Control, and Battery (removable).

Innokin said this ‘3 in 1’ solution, featuring removable batteries for pod systems, would greatly improve the reusability of the battery. This extends the life cycle of devices far beyond that of an individual battery while enabling safe recycling.

The launch comes as the environmental impact of disposable vaping products, with their low battery utilisation and single-use nature has raised concerns about battery waste and pollution.

Trine ensures safe battery disposal by integrating EcoDrain, a cutting-edge battery discharge technology, setting a new industry standard as an eco-safe solution for battery disposal. It specifically addresses the challenges associated with handling discarded batteries, ensuring safe battery discharge before recycling.

Innokin added that this technology minimises fire hazards and actively reduces the detrimental environmental impact caused by battery waste, promising a reliable solution for battery waste management within vape pods.

“The introduction of Trine signifies a significant step towards a greener vaping industry. We anticipate that these innovations will pave the way for extensive opportunities in product development, offering users a vastly improved experience,” Tao Cui, strategy director at Innokin, said.