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IndeJuice warns over Prime branded disposable vapes

February 1, 2023


Online vape store IndeJuice said it is ‘deeply concerned’ over recent efforts to imitate the branding of the well-known Prime hydration drink in vape products.

“Not only does such branding infringe IndeJuice’s established portfolio of Prime trademarks, but it also undermines the hard work of reputable independent vape businesses that have invested heavily in ensuring that younger demographics and non-smokers remain uninterested in vaping,” the firm said.

“IndeJuice would like to remind the public that it has owned the Prime trademark in the electronic cigarette industry since 2018 as part of its IndeJuice Prime Certification. The Prime certification is IndeJuice’s proprietary Authenticity Guarantee that helps buyers shop for vape products with confidence.”

While identical vape flavour profiles to those contained in Prime drinks have been readily available in the vape market for over a decade, and have been vital in helping users quit smoking, the recent influx of new market entrants seeking to connect those pre-existing flavour profiles with imitation Prime branding leads to the ‘unnecessary increased risk’ of marketing towards young non-smokers and non-vapers, the company added.

IndeJuice said it has vetted the world’s largest collection of vape products with over 12,000 products Prime certified, including disposable vapes.

“The PRIME badge is relied on by vapers across the nation as a badge of trust, authenticity, and legal safety for vape products. The company is determined to protect this high level of trust at all costs,” it said.

“The company firmly opposes the marketing practices of products that imitate the Prime drink’s appearance and branding, particularly when the demographic most familiar with the beverage is heavily skewed towards a younger generation.

It urged the Advertising Standards Agency and Trading Standards officials to ensure that any efforts to blur the line between the Prime drink and the vaping industry are swiftly eliminated from the market.

“Maintaining a clear distinction between the branding of the Prime drink and the flavours available in the vaping industry is important to avoid confusion and ensure that the focus remains on providing a solution for smokers to transition away from combustible cigarettes,” the company said.

“IndeJuice urges the public to be aware of these copycat products that have not been Prime Certified for legal safety nor guaranteed as authentic. The company also urges the public to support legitimate businesses that respect trademarks and ethical marketing practices.”

IndeJuice stressed that it has no affiliation with the Prime drink or the YouTubers involved, adding that it does not support the use of its trademark in association with any electronic cigarette products that infringe its trademarks or that are targeted towards younger audiences, non-smokers and non-vapers.