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Home News Illicit cigarettes, vaping products seized from Liverpool shops accused of selling vapes to children

Illicit cigarettes, vaping products seized from Liverpool shops accused of selling vapes to children

January 25, 2022

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A number of shops in Liverpool accused of selling vapes to minors were found to be selling illicit cigarette and vaping products, stated recent reports.

According to local reports, Inspectors from Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police visited eight shops across north Liverpool last week after they received reports that the stores were selling vapes to underage children.

Under the raid of eight inspected shops, five of the stores were found to be selling illicit cigarettes and vape products. Three of these were on County Rd, one on Walton Breck Road Rd and another on Robson Street.

During the whole operation, officers seized 5,000 cigarettes and 170 non compliant e-cigarettes or vapes. A spokesperson for Liverpool City Council said warnings were issued and the items were taken away.

“These particular shops were targeted after intel reports to the Police and LCC that they were selling vapes to underage children and were selling illicit cigarette and vaping products,” local reports quoted a spokesperson as saying.

“As a result of the operation, 4760 illicit cigarettes, 200g of illicit tobacco and 170 illicit vape pens were seized.”

Councillor Abdul Qadir, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said, “E-cigarettes and vaping products are seen by many people as a way of giving up smoking.

“Our worrying research shows that people are unknowingly exposing themselves to far more nicotine than they would from using cigarettes, meaning they are even worse for their health.

The news comes weeks after it was reported that an investigation revealed the scale of Liverpool’s illegal vaping and e-cigarette industry. During a test purchasing exercise across the city to check on compliance, officers were able to buy illegal products at 74 retailers – some containing up to 3,500 puffs, almost six times above the legal limit.

The council has also been receiving a large number of complaints over the sale of these products to children and is asking parents with information and evidence to contact them.