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How a SIM card manufacturer found a taste for vape

September 21, 2020


Elite Mobile has become one of the biggest suppliers of pay-as-you-go SIM cards in the UK. When the company realised it customers where also selling e-liquids, it decided to take a slice of the market. National account manager Bill Orchard explains why the company is the right supplier for retailers looking for success in vape today.

How did Elite first get involved with the vape market?

Our manager director, Keten Gokani, was looking at the e-cigarette market and realised that everywhere where you had sim retailers you also had vape retailers. We first started supplying e-liquids and devices in 2015 but, since 2018, we have been manufacturing and bottling using a significant part of our production space in Wembley. We developed our brand portfolio and now have four ranges including the Jucce and Nvee brands.

In a busy market place, what is Elite’s point of difference?

We have had to take on marketing where Logic, Blu and Vype have significant budgets we are aggressive on price and focus on the quality of our products. Our products range in price from £2.99 to our £1 budget products.

What support are you able to provide retailers with in this market?

Our mission is to offer retailers a one-stop-shop. Commercially, working with our guys is very attractive. We have a consignment model where our reps put out a display and stores only pay for what they sell – and make a substantial margin. This way there is no issue with a retailer have maximum availability. The key offer for us is that there no money up front and can offer better terms with our SIM cards.

What major trends are you seeing in the e-liquids market?

Most customers are coming in for tobacco or menthol e-liquids and they’re buying another flavour to try. Other than tobacco and menthol, most e-liquids are bought on impulse. One new range we have launched for 2020 is Jucce Tropical which is a range of eight flavours including Coconut Breeze, Blood Orange and Perfect Pineapple and is part of our wider Jucce range of flavours.

Ahead of Stoptober, what is your advice to stores?

We have a lot of information available around Stoptober for retailers. It seems to now be concentrated in retail and it’s a key time of the year for stores. My advice to retailers would be to make sure you’ve got great availability and a good range in place ahead of time.