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Highland Trading Standards team warns consumers of risks from disposable vaping products

February 25, 2022

Credit: Highland Trading Standard Council

The Highland Council’s Trading Standards team has highlighted the dangers of disposable vaping products and warned consumers to be aware. It has seized more than 3000 illegal products in Highland.

Their warning comes following the findings on a comprehensive Scotland-wide project that Highland officers participated in. Co-ordinated by The Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS) an in-depth look at single use, or disposable, vaping products was carried out during October to December 2021. Findings show that officers found a wide range of non-compliant devices, with both safety and health risks to users.

In Highland Trading Standard officers visited premises that sell these products throughout the area and over 3,000 disposable vaping devices were removed from sale as they lacked necessary labels, instructions, and warnings.  In addition, 121 disposable vaping devices were seized and destroyed as they had illegal levels of vaping fluid.

David MacKenzie, The Highland Council’s Trading Standards Manager said: “This work is all about protecting Highland consumers, especially our young people.  These devices are often brightly coloured and flavoured to be appealing to children. They usually contain the maximum legal amount of nicotine which also makes them extremely addictive. Disposable vapes also raise environmental concerns as they are all made of single use plastic and contain a battery therefore cannot be safely disposed of in household waste or easily recycled.

He added: “Vaping can be helpful to get current smokers to quit but there is a real risk that vaping can also be a gateway for young people into nicotine addiction. The sale of these products to young people is not acceptable and Highland Council Trading Standards takes these matters very seriously.”