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Has PMI discontinued vaping brand IQOS MESH?

April 3, 2020


PMI has removed its vaping range, IQOS MESH, from sale on its website, apparently killing off the short-lived vape alternative to the IQOS heat-not-burn system.

Early last week, visitors to the IQOS site who clicked on to the MESH device were redirected to https://uk.iqos.com/mesh-discontinued. IQOS MESH users were informed: “This IQOS MESH product is no longer available for purchase on IQOS.com”.

Users were informed that a selection of MESH’s refill capsules – VEEVs – were still available on IQOS.com and provided a link to purchase them.

By Thursday 2 April all mention of the IQOS MESH system had been removed from the IQOS homepage, though VEEVs remain sale on the site as Vape Business goes to print.

The IQOS MESH system launched in the UK in 2018 as a premium vaping product. It uses a mesh system rather than the traditional coil to heat the e-liquid which PMI said offers a more consistent vaping experience. Seven flavours of VEEVS are available including Tobacco Harmony, Chai Zing and Passion Fruit Zest.

Despite the apparent discontinuing of IQOS MESH, the long-term fate of the vape system does not appeared to be sealed with MESH remaining a priority in other markets and further product development imminent.

In the US, analysts have suggested Philip Morris plans to launch IQOS MESH 2.0 later in 2020 but it is not known if these plans extend to other markets. The original launch date of the product was reportedly pushed back due to controversy about e-cigarettes and their alleged (and subsequently disproved) connection to lung injuries in users last year.

Philip Morris did not respond to Vape Business’s request for comment.