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Geekbar warns against fake disposable vape brand

April 26, 2023

Geekbar warns against the fake disposable vape brand

Geekbar said it has received allegations of counterfeit vape products from the Aegis series in the Philippine market.

The leading disposable vape brand said these counterfeit products pose significant quality and safety risks in terms of raw materials, hygiene standards, production processes, and product quality.

Geekbar added that it has issued a legal letter to the company behind the counterfeited products, adding that these products has severely ‘harmed Geekbar’s brand, as well as the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and has impeded the market’s healthy growth’.

“We will pursue legal action and take all necessary measures,” Allen Yang, Geekbar chief executive, said.

“We will fight IPR infringement to the bitter end to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests, and we will join forces with property rights protection companies, public security authorities, market supervision, and other relevant departments to combat it.

“We also hope that the community will work together to combat unfair competition, refrain from manufacturing and selling counterfeit products, and establish a decent and orderly market environment.”

Geekbar said its intelligent manufacturing facility is entirely dedicated to the R&D, production, and sale of electronic atomisation equipment, with clean and dust-free areas for trial production, assembly, the lubrication process, and packaging.

In addition, it is equipped with over 200 sets of automated equipment, enabling intelligent production and manufacturing of products, with a production yield rate of 99.8% and a rate of 95% automated production coverage.

In contrast, the conditions in the factories where counterfeit products are manufactured are utterly filthy, the brand claimed.

Workers operate the production line in soiled, unhygienic conditions while employing a variety of cost-cutting strategies. In the end, these counterfeit products are sold through illegal channels, which has severe negative effects on consumer health and safety, it added.