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Geek Bar launches J1 Pod range in UK

August 31, 2022


Leading vape manufacturer Geek Bar has launched its J1 Pod range in the UK, featuring an innovative disposable pod refill system along with a rechargeable battery.

The brand said the J1 Pod, available in 11 different flavours, has been developed with the UK market in mind, allowing consumers to switch flavours at lower cost.

Available through specialist vape retailers and convenience stores, it has a recommended retail price of £8 for the pod system while a twin-pack of 2ml pod refills will cost £5. The 500mHA battery can be recharged via a USB device.

Featuring the latest KA mesh coil technology, the J1 Pod provides more vapour and a more consistent, mellower flavour, the brand said.

It added that the ‘silky smooth experience’ is very different from the rough sensation associated with tobacco products, hoping that this may encourage more smokers to kick the habit and switch to vapes.

“The J1 Pod offers an alternative vaping experience for people looking to give up smoking tobacco products, especially at a time when incomes are being squeezed and a typical pack of 20 cigarettes can cost £10 or more,” it said in a statement.

The product comes in the company’s newly designed packaging, which features a more visible age restriction warning against sale to minors.

To combat counterfeiting, the redesign also carries a prominent security code which retailers and consumers can use to check the authenticity of the product and ensure they are not buying a fake product.

The J1 is one of a number of upgraded vape devices now available from Geek Bar following approval from the Medicines Healthcare regulatory Agency (MHRA).

They are lightweight and compact, suitable for on-the-go vaping and prefilled with 20mg of nicotine as well as up to 2ml of e-liquid. Offering 600 puffs per device, they are designed for mouth-to-lung vapers in particular, who want to replicate the experience of smoking through a consistent throat hit.