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Geek Bar launches campaign to tackle illegal vaping products

January 11, 2022

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Vaping brand Geek Bar has launched a campaign to raise awareness among retailers to tackle the business of counterfeit and non-compliant vaping products in the UK market, stated recent reports.

Geek Bar reportedly has come up with a leaflet that will accompany all Geek Bar products heading to the UK from this month. The leaflet will detail the company’s measures to combat the counterfeit and non-compliant vape market. It is also being sent to all local authority trading standards teams across the UK, reports said.

The leaflet says, “Geek Bar takes its responsibility to its customers very seriously. It has come to our attention that there are counterfeit products on the market, claiming to be genuine Geek Bar vapes.”

“We also want to remind our customers that all vaping products can only be purchased by over 18-year-olds for use by adults only.”

The leaflet also tells retailers and customers to verify their Geek Bar vapes at our website http://www.geekbar.com/ where they can input the unique serial number and instantly identify whether it is a genuine product.

The news comes a week after it was reported that the brand has approached Billy Rahman, managing director at vape manufacturer iBreathe, to act as a consultant for Geek Bar and establish a primary authority arrangement with his local council, Oldham in Greater Manchester, to help tackle sale of illegal vape products.

Meanwhile, Geek Bar has published a list of approved UK distributors and is also said to be in the process of warning all non-official Geek Bar social media sites that they must cease to continue under the Geek Bar name.

Retailers and distributors can report suspected counterfeit and non-compliant products at [email protected] and the company is incentivising retailers to report counterfeits or products that do not comply with UK regulations.

Reports of seizure of illegal vape products have been pouring in from all over the country. The largest haul was at a former takeaway outlet in Newcastle in November and was worth more than £190,000. Items have also been seized in raids in Aberdeen, North Lanarkshire and South Ayrshire in Scotland, Stockton-on-Tees, Halton, Walsall, Cherwell in Oxfordshire, Cheltenham and Cirencester in Gloucestershire, and parts of Kent.