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Flavours matter: Vaping group launches art installation in Brussels

May 14, 2022

Members of World Vapers’ Alliance together with MEP Pietro Fiocchi in front of the mural that says “Flavours Matter” (Photo: WVA)

The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) has displayed an art installation in front of the European Parliament, calling on the policymakers to stand against possible bans on vape flavours.

The installation, with a simple message ‘Flavours help smokers quit’, marks the third event of WVA’s Europe-wide campaign #FlavoursMatter, which aims to show policymakers that vape flavours are instrumental for smoking cessation.

The group hosted demonstrations in Stockholm, Sweden and the Hague, Netherlands in March. Shortly after the demonstration, a postponement of the Dutch vape flavour ban by six months was announced in the Netherlands.

“Flavours play a crucial role in helping consumers quit smoking – millions of Europeans have already stopped by switching to vaping. The variety of flavours is one of the most important reasons many people switch to e-cigarettes and never go back to smoking,” said Michael Landl, director of the WVA.

“We have already seen that vaping works! It helped millions of people change their lives and now, we need policies to catch up. Therefore, we are delighted that some MEPs are with us and help to defend vaping flavours.”

Members of World Vapers’ Alliance hold the missing puzzle piece on the mural that says “Flavours help smokers quit” (Photo: WVA)

The event on May 11 was attended by Member of the European Parliament Pietro Fiocchi.

“We all agree that not smoking is the best choice, but we also know very well that tax increases and limitations are not working solutions. I do strongly believe that alternative systems to traditional smoking are the biggest instrument to greatly reduce the percentage of lung diseases and cancer. Any ideological approach against such systems is negative and against any scientific data,” said Fiocchi.

The WVA urged consumers from across Europe to join the campaign and contact their political representatives via its action centers and share their vaping stories to convince policymakers to avoid flavour bans.

“We need to raise our voice and tell policymakers about all the positive effects flavours play in helping smokers quit. The data shows that adults who vape flavoured e-cigarettes are 230 per cent more likely to quit smoking than those who use unflavoured e-cigarettes, and we have to make sure that this is taken into account when the next regulations are drafted. That is why we are here in Brussels with one simple message: flavours matter!” added Landl.