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Feelm teams up with Relx and Kiwi for new recycling initiative

May 22, 2023


Vape tech solution provider Feelm has teamed up with the leading vape brands Relx and Kiwi for a new environmental initiative that will reward UK vapers for recycling their single-use devices.

Consumers who mail in ten or more single use products for recycling via pre-paid postage labels under the UK vape industry’s first whole-chain recycling scheme for single use devices will be able to claim a free new device in return.

Details of the incentive scheme for consumers who drop off at Kiwi stores will be released shortly.

Feelm said both the industry and consumers must play their part in the recycling process and the incentive scheme is aimed to encourage end users to get out of the habit of discarding used devices.

The initiative follows estimates from independent non-profit organization Material Focus that 1.3 million single use vape devices are discarded each week in the UK which, taken over a year, contain enough lithium to power 1,200 electric vehicles.

“Research shows that consumers are willing to change their habits to help protect the environment but sometimes they need a little nudge in the right direction to do so and this is why we want to reward them for doing the right thing,” Ruiqi Wang, a spokesman for Smoore, parent company of Feelm, said.

The new initiative involves a household collection system, a transparent recycling process and retailer partnerships to make it as easy as possible for consumers to participate.

Consumers can send their used vapes to Feelm either by downloading a pre-paid label and popping them in the post or by visiting one of the retail partners taking part in the initiative.

“We firmly believe that disposables have a critical part to play in helping the UK achieve its smokefree aspirations. The industry needs to do much more in the environmental department, but it is starting to make headway,” Wang added.

“Our green innovation program is well underway but we are now ramping it up significantly to ensure we don’t just help protect adult smokers’ lives but also the planet too.

“This commitment to making recycling more accessible demonstrates our dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. As this initiative gains traction, we hope it will serve as a model for other industries looking to implement eco-friendly practices and engage adult customers in their sustainability efforts.”

Chris Aikens, senior external affairs manager for Europe at Relx International, commented: “We are pleased to be working with Smoore on this project which highlights our commitment to the long-term sustainability of disposable devices.

“These products provide a useful tool to enable adult smokers to make the switch from combustible cigarettes and their full potential needs to be recognised. This recycling scheme will benefit both the planet and adult consumers.”

Consumers can drop off their used devices at Kiwi Vapor stores from June.

“We’re thrilled to join the Feelm Recycling Scheme,” said Liam Cagliarini, the UK country manager of Kiwi Vapor.

“As the leading Italian brand entering the UK market, we see this initiative to significantly contribute to the UK’s smoke-free 2030 goal, by not only providing our products to UK customers but also taking social responsibility.

“The Feelm recycling scheme aligns perfectly with our sustainability aspirations and opens up a new way to engage with our customers. Moreover, it offers an excellent platform for us to collaborate with our distributors in a shared commitment towards reducing environmental impact. We believe this collective effort will inspire wider changes within the industry and beyond.”

The first phase of the program will involve trials in London, Manchester and Birmingham with plans to roll it out nationally once the first phase has been evaluated.