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EXCLUSIVE: IQOS adds capsules HEETs variant

IQOS has extended its HEETs range, adding a new crushball-style filter tip to its Sienna flavour.

IQOS brand owner Philip Morris says: “Sienna Caps HEETS offer the rounded, toasted tobacco blend of Sienna Selection with its woody and light tea aroma, which in a click delivers a cooling menthol breeze with notes of zesty mint.”

Sienna Caps joins a growing band of flavours including Teak, Green Menthol, Turquoise Menthol, Sienna (standard), Yellow, Blue and Amber.

The company recently posted positive results showing it had recruited 16.4 million users for the IQOS brand worldwide, with 4.7 million of these in the EU. The company says it now expects to meet its target of selling 90 to 100 billion units from its reduced risk products portfolio in 2021.

Philip Morris’ chief financial officer, Emmanuel Babeau, said: “This strong performance from IQOS means that heated tobacco units made up over 10 percent of our total shipment volume in the first nine months of the year, as compared to approximately 8 percent in 2019, and 5 percent in 2018. We continue to expect this proportion to grow over time as the positive momentum on RRPs continues.”

The launch of JTI’s Ploom system marks the end of IQOS’s sole grip on the UK heat not burn market, ensuring 2021 will be a busy year for this next generation segment.