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EDGE introduces new filtered vape

July 13, 2020


A new filtered vape device promises to bridge the gap between cigarettes and vaping – encouraging more smokers to leave the combustible tobacco market for good.

EDGE Hybrid is described as a “first of its kind vape device” and uses disposable crush ball filter tips and an e-liquid capsule to give users an experience that mirrors the feel of a cigarette with the harm reduction benefits of a vape.

A spokesperson at vape manufacturer NextGEN360 said: “In a recent survey, 40% of respondents claimed to vape, and occasionally smoke socially. Within this pool of experienced vapers, almost half of stated the ‘feel’ of vaping on the lips deterred them from further vaping consumption. This shows even those who use vape devices may not be wholly satisfied with their vape and continue to benchmark their overall experience to that of a traditional cigarette.

The Edge Hybrid device comes with an RRP of £25 with single refills at £3.50. Three flavours of capsules are available including Menthol, Blackcurrant and Tobacco.

The company said: “The device is easy to use and fuss-free – simply Click and Go! The device has a long-life battery capacity making it suitable for an all-day vape. It houses a flavoured nicotine pod, available in 12-18mg, and is specifically designed to be leak-free. Vapour is filtered through the tip for an authentic experience without the harmful effects of heating or burning tobacco.”

The launch is the first of a number of new types of device expected to join the growing vape market during 2020.