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Disposable vape ban: Supreme says ‘fully prepared’ for the transition

February 1, 2024


As the UK government has announced proposals to ban disposable vapes and restrict flavours, vape manufacturer and supplier Supreme PLC said they are ‘fully prepared’ for this transition.

“To adapt to the forthcoming regulations, we have developed a comprehensive range of alternative vaping solutions,” the company said.

“We already have some of these available to buy including Moja, Dot Pro, Elfa Pro, Tappo, Sky Hunter 2600, and our own 88vape POD is in production. Our move towards plain packaging and the renaming of flavours will further align our products with new government regulations.”

In anticipation of these regulatory changes, Supreme proactively announced modifications to its product packaging and flavour names in October.

These included an assessment of packaging across its entire 88vape range, from disposables to 10ml liquids, to ensure the use of colour is very limited (used only to differentiate one stock item from another) and the packaging is plain and uniform, along with simplified naming conventions of all flavours across the 88vape range

“These changes, along with our rigorous age verification protocols, underscore our commitment to responsible selling practices,” Supreme said in a statement.

According to the latest guidance, the ban is expected to take effect around October, with a subsequent six-month window for the sale of existing stock, extending the transition period until March 2025.

“While immediate changes are not yet mandated, we are closely monitoring the situation. Supreme is committed to working alongside our valued partners to ensure a smooth transition once the new regulations come into effect,” the company added.