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Devices: Vape pens and pod mod systems

February 21, 2020


If you judged the category purely by the activity of the major tobacco suppliers – and many retailers will be doing exactly that – then it is the pods market where the biggest range of innovation is happening.

Pods, capsules or cartridges – the terminology hasn’t settled yet – offer an easy-to-use option for vapers which simply lets vapers take a pod, click it in and start vaping.

These are also one of the sections of the market where nicsalts are having an impact. These products – also available as a traditional e-liquid – offer a stronger hit to vapers, more reminiscent of that you get with a cigarette,

For more specialist retailers such as VPZ, these pod systems represent an entry point for consumers which may only be for the short term. Mutter says: “Pods or pod kits are a small and simple to use device and are targeted at absolute beginners, or people looking for something very discrete and with absolutely minimal fuss or maintenance. Pod kits are often sold for use with entirely disposable, pre-filled pods of liquid, meaning you just pop one in and you’re good to go.”

Top products

myblu Vape Pen

Available in four colours, the myblu Vape Pen offers a hassle-free experience and fast charging speed to add to the convenience. There is a range of 15 nicosalts flavours available.

Logic Pro

Comes in silver, black or white and was JTI’s first move into pod technology. Capsules include Tobacco and Menthol alongside Berry Mint, Watermelon and Vanilla.

Logic Pro Compact and Compact Intense

JTI’s most advanced vape pen devices, Compact is smaller and simpler than Logic Pro while Compact Intense uses a nicosalts-based system with flavours such as Peppermint and Banoffee.

Juul Slate and C1

Currently available in a limited-edition ruby colour. Operates with Juulpods which come in five flavours including Glacier Mint and Royal Crème. The C1 system is app-enabled.

Vype ePen

Vype launched this system in 2018 and the device is available in a wide range of colours. Its higher battery strength translates to a stronger flavour experience, according to BAT.

Vype ePod

Described as “puff-activated and pocket sized”, this latest system from BAT’s Vype brand is another system that reduces the size of the device and promises an even simpler experience.


Using Veev capsules and a mesh heater for a “consistent vaping experience”, this system joined the original IQOS HNB system in 2019. It comes with seven flavours and three colours of device to choose from.

Smok Fetch Mini Pod Kit

The Smok system comes with refillable pods. This means that vapers can refill their pods with their favourite e-liquids at home and then quickly change flavours on-the-go.


Vape pens and pod mods: The pros and cons


  • The latest technology – this is where major suppliers are innovating
  • These systems are simple to use and explain to customers
  • Clean – Closed systems are less messy than an open tank system



  • Every system has its own pods. Once a customer has one device they often can’t use it try other pods out
  • Pod mods tend to be more expensive to run (pods vs e-liquids)
  • Enthusiasts may only use these entry-level systems for a short time