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Customer questions: helping smokers to quit

March 6, 2020

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Vape Business answers the questions your customers are asking

Which product is best at helping customers quit?

Two options stand out. First are the nicosalt liquids that have been developed to provide a “throat hit” to customers much like that experienced when smoking. These are now available both in pod mod systems such as the vape pens developed by the major brands and as traditional e-liquids. Then there is also heat not burn which most closely resembles smoking but which offers smokers a tar-free tobacco experience

What else should retailers look out for?

Ease of use is going to be really important to somebody who is new to vaping which is where the pod mod systems win again. The pens offer a genuine click-and-go system meaning your now ex-smoker can open and start using the product within minutes of leaving your store. Heat-not-burn system IQOS, meanwhile, most closely mirrors the way smoking operates providing the familiar minutes-long time ‘portion’ smokers are used to with cigarettes.

Will these products actually help customers quit?

Most products will not (and cannot) advertise themselves as smoking cessation devices, though some e-cigarettes which do exactly this have started to find themselves on the shelves of pharmacists. Despite this, stop smoking services across the UK are now offering e-cigarettes to individuals to help them quit. So, with the backing of groups such as Cancer Research UK, Action on Smoking and Health and the Royal College of Physicians, any smoker can begin a new life as a vaper knowing it could well help them kick the habit of smoking for good.