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Chill Brands Group reports strong vape sales, reorder rates across independent stores

December 9, 2023

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Chill Brands Group PLC on Thursday (7) reported strong growth both in the US and the UK, citing continued distribution of vapes.

Since its UK launch in August, the US-based CBD products company said it has made sales to more than 475 independent retail stores stores throughout the UK. These locations have been secured through the Company’s partnership with The Vaping Group and include franchised branches of Premier, Spar and Nisa Local.

The company is pleased to report that it has observed a positive trend in reorder rates from independent retailers. Stores placing reorders are doing so within around two months of first carrying the brand (depending on their initial purchase amount), reflecting continued demand for Chill ZERO nicotine-free vape products. The company said that it will seek to maintain strong reorder rates and a rapid replenishment cycle as it scales its distribution to new stores.

In addition to these independent stores, the company has received an order that will see its Chill ZERO products stocked in an initial 150 of WHSmith’s 1,700 stores. Chill products are expected to enter WHSmith travel stores in the near future and further information will be provided following their ranging date.

In addition, Chill Brands is in advanced negotiations to place Chill ZERO in another major UK retailer and will provide a further update upon confirming an order, which is expected during December. In addition, since its Chill ZERO products became available for purchase in the UK through Amazon Prime in October, it said more than 200 individual customers have made purchases.

Chill Brands expects to see continued growth in the sale of its products on Amazon in 2024. The company is also in advanced negotiations with another ‘major UK retailer’ for Chill ZERO, and expects the order to be confirmed later this month.

Chief Executive Officer Callum Sommerton said: ‘The company has come a long way during 2023 and I am incredibly proud of the significant milestones we have achieved. The coming months will see us take action on our plans to expand the retail footprint of our Chill ZERO products, secure new listings with major retailers, and further define our Chill.com marketplace as a go-to destination for health and wellness including alternative products featuring hemp, nootropics, adaptogens and other popular natural ingredients.

‘Having laid firm foundations from which to grow, I am confident that Chill Brands has strong growth potential and we are keen to deliver value as we seize the opportunities ahead of us.’