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British American Tobacco unveils two new vaping devices

December 12, 2018

Vype iSwitch

British American Tobacco (BAT) has launched two new e-cigarettes – Vype iSwitch and Vype iSwitch Maxx – in five of BAT’s VIP branded stores in London.

The new products are powered by a pioneering vaping technology, Vype puretech, which replaces the coil and wick heating mechanism traditionally found in e-cigarettes.

The proprietary technology will help in enhanced consumer taste satisfaction by ensuring a smoother, richer and more consistent vape, claimed the firm.

The technology has produced, when tested on iSwitch, a vapour which contains around 99% less toxicants than the smoke from a conventional cigarette, BAT said.

This represents the biggest reduction, to date, that the firm has seen in its portfolio of Vype vapour products, it added.

The new range of devices has been designed to have a premium look and feel and comes in a choice of three colours – deep blue metallic, silver and black.

Both Vype iSwitch and Vype iSwitch Maxx are closed-system vaping devices with consumer-centric design features, such as the ‘slide and lock’ mechanism to easily change the specially designed cartridges – containing Vype puretech blades. The cartridges are available in three flavours (Fresh Mint, Virginia Tobacco and Forest Berries) and three nicotine strengths (3mg/ml, 5mg/ml and 8mg/ml).

Vype iSwitch Maxx has additional features like higher power capacity and three power settings. The Bluetooth enabled device is also the most interactive vapour device from BAT, connecting with a myVype app to consumers full control.

Through the app, consumers can tailor their device’s power setting, remotely lock the device ensuring no one else can use it, monitor puff count, battery level and device performance to track their usage and also have access to tips and news.

Commenting on the new products, Elly Criticou, BAT’s Vapour Category Director, said: “We are delighted to be bringing this ground-breaking technology to UK smokers and nicotine users. In a new and emerging consumer category, with rapid innovation, it is important that we continuously look for ways to improve our consumer offering.

BAT plans to roll new devices out further in the UK and online in 2019. The recommended retail price for iSwitch is £29.99 and iSwitch Maxx is £49.99. A pack of two puretech blade cartridges is £8.99.