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Blo Bar launches disposable vape recycling scheme

February 3, 2023


With incorrect disposal of vapes on the rise, vape company Blo Bar has launched a brand new scheme designed to incentivise users to recycle their empty vapes, and receive a free gifted pen in return.

The Disposable Vape Recycling Scheme offers participants a free disposable vape from Blo Bar when they send in ten used disposable vapes from any brand to be recycled.

While there is a surge in the use of disposable vapes, there is a lack of knowledge on how to dispose of vape pens, with a staggering 1.3 million being discarded and sent to landfills every week.

But with disposable vapes containing lithium, a resource currently facing global shortages due to its increasing usage in electric car batteries, Blo Bar’s Disposable Vape Recycling Scheme aims to help tackle the ever-growing problem of disposable vapes being thrown in the bin, and allow for the lithium batteries to be recycled and reused.

Participants can send in 10 used disposable vape pens, using a free postage label provided by Blo Bar, who will then correctly recycle the items in a UN Approved Battery Drum.

The full battery drum will subsequently be transported to a local recycling centre by London Waste Services, where the lithium inside can be repurposed.

“As a new brand entering the market, we are all too aware of the issues surrounding the disposal of vapes. Rather than adding to the problem, our goal is instead to find a solution that seeks to address it,” a spokesperson at Blo Bar said.

“Throwing vapes directly into the bin is a much more convenient option than taking them to a recycling centre, particularly for those that don’t drive or live near one. But we recognise the importance of properly recycling the valuable materials found inside vapes, such as the lithium batteries, and want to highlight that vapes aren’t supposed to be disposed of in this way simply because of their ‘single-use’ nature.

“At Blo Bar, we have a responsibility to tackle this issue and create a simple solution for users. That’s why we’ve developed the Disposable Vape Recycling Scheme.

“We have refined the process of our scheme to make it as simple and convenient as possible for vape users – whilst also offering an incentive for taking part. We hope that actively recycling vapes from our competitors, too, emphasises how passionate we are as a business to make a difference.

“As well as this, we are also offering free delivery of the used disposable vapes and the brand new vape in return. We are proud to help encourage vapers to recycle at no expense of their own.

“Although we cannot tackle the total amount of vapes going into landfill across the UK as a whole, we can still make a difference by saving the planet – ten vapes at a time.”

More details on the Disposable Vape Recycling Scheme can be found here.