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BAT welcomes results from long-term heated tobacco study

November 26, 2020

Credit: BAT

British American Tobacco has revealed users of its Glo heated tobacco device have benefited from many of the same effects as those who have quit smoking altogether.

The data includes 12 human studies from around the world and over 40 scientific manuscripts showing significant differences between smoking and using heated tobacco products.

In one of the studies connected to the research, Glo users improved their quality of life – using barometers including coughing and fatigue – by a similar level to those who quit tobacco entirely. Impacts on air quality, hygiene and teeth staining levels were also reduced to levels comparable to fresh air, the company said.

Dr James Murphy, Group Head of Potentially Reduced-Risk Product Science, said: “These initial results regarding Glo are extremely encouraging – Glo provides smokers who wish to continue using tobacco and nicotine products with a potentially reduced-risk alternative to cigarettes. The results are another positive step for BAT as we continue our journey to reduce the health impact of our business by offering consumers a range of enjoyable and potentially reduced-risk products.”

Glo has yet to be launched in the UK but with the arrival of JTI’s Ploom device in London stores earlier this month, 2021 is set to be a busy year for the UK heated tobacco sector.