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BAT launches new glo product hyper X2

July 21, 2022


British American Tobacco (BAT) has on Thursday unveiled its newest, state-of-the-art heated tobacco product, glo hyper X2, in Tokyo, Japan.

The latest innovation from glo, BAT’s fast-growing global heated tobacco brand, boasts new ‘barrel styling’ design, shaped by consumer insights, offering new, innovative, user-friendly features.

Building on the ground-breaking glo hyper+, launched in 2020, hyper X2 incorporates advanced induction heating technology encased in a smaller, lighter weight device.  A separate boost function for faster heating, battery status LED indicator, a protective iris-shaped shutter and bold new colourways complete the new hyper X2 offer.

Hyper X2 works with existing consumables (tobacco sticks) from the glo hyper series, creating our most satisfying heated tobacco system yet.

“The launch of glo hyper X2 – our newest, state-of-the-art heated tobacco product – marks another key milestone in our transformation as we build the brands of our future.  Since launching our first glo product in Japan in 2016, we have built glo into a billion-dollar global brand through our deep consumer insights, science and innovation,” Kingsley Wheaton, chief marketing officer at BAT, said.

“Our multi-category portfolio offers the industry’s widest choice of scientifically substantiated, less risky* and enjoyable products for adult smokers who are looking to switch. This is a further big step in accelerating our transformation into a consumer products business that defines itself by the consumer needs that we meet, rather than the products we sell.”

BAT added that the final results from their one-year clinical study of glo have provided important new data that adds to evidence supporting glo as a reduced-risk product. In the study, people switching completely to glo achieved significant and sustained improvements across many exposure and potential harm measures compared to those who continued to smoke, with many indicators similar to quitting.

glo hyper X2 will be available in glo stores across Japan and on the glo and Velo official online store from 25 July, and in convenience stores in Japan from August.

glo products are available in 25 countries around the world and the global rollout of glo hyper X2 will take place over the coming months.

Design features:

glo hyper X2 incorporates advanced induction heating technology (IH) featuring in glo hyper+, but with a 13% smaller body and a 7% weight reduction, providing an easier grip and improved portability.

glo hyper X2 offers two heating modes with a separate, dedicated button for each mode:

  • Normal mode, which completes heating in approximately 20 seconds and allows for approximately four minutes of use
  • Boost mode, which delivers a shorter time to first puff (approximately 15 seconds) and faster taste release.

glo hyper X2 features two new functions:

  • An improved LED indicator on the top side of the device that indicates the ramp up progress, the charging status, the session progress and when the Boost mode has been deployed.
  • glo hyper X2 also features new iris shutter, which protects the device from dust and debris.

glo hyper X2 device will be available in seven colours: Camo Green, Amber Orange, Twilight Blue, Aura Red, Misty Gold, Graphite Black and Minty Green.

glo hyper X2 will continue to work with consumables (tobacco sticks) from the glo hyper series.