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ASH briefing on youth vaping ‘debunks myths’

August 27, 2022

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Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has issued a briefing for local authorities on youth vaping.

While the document, available here, is designed for public health officials and trading standards officers, it also contains useful information for retailers, among other stakeholders, the charity added.

The briefing is endorsed by other public health organisations such as the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal Society for Public Health, the Faculty of Public Health, the Association of Directors of Public Health, Breathe 2025, Fresh and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

Vaping advocacy group New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) has welcomed the ASH briefing, saying it would be a helpful resource for rebutting much of the “misinformation and inaccurate rhetoric” surrounding youth vaping in the UK.

“This is a timely document which follows a steady stream of alarmist media headlines on the subject in recent weeks. ASH’s briefing, also endorsed by several other public health organisations, offers an objective look at current regulation and the latest evidence on youth vaping data from the most up-to-date surveys,” the NNA said in a statement.

“Most importantly, it debunks some of the many myths seen recently in the media which have been negatively skewing the public’s view of vaping products and how they can continue to contribute positively to public health.

“Although it is sad that irresponsible media articles should make this exercise in truth-telling necessary, we wholeheartedly welcome ASH’s intervention and hope that local authorities and other organisations take note of the information.”