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Ald Group launches vape tech platform Fresor

May 6, 2023


Vaping hardware solution provider Ald Group has launched its technology brand, Fresor.

The online launch event on YouTube saw the group unveiled two major technology platforms: Fresor NOVA and Fresor MAX, which it said represent cutting-edge advancements in the vaping industry.

Fresor NOVA guarantees a pure taste and more puffs with its unique flat mesh vaping technology and five-layer Composite Cotton structure made of medical-grade cotton. The vertically aligned flat mesh coils provide a stable heat supply, while the Waterfall V-shaped Air Channel design ensures maximum vaping efficiency and satisfying taste.

With Fresor NOVA technology, the energy efficiency is increased by 36 per cent, while puffs are boosted by 42 per cent, the group claimed. Through the product’s modular design, Fresor NOVA features fully-automated production, ensuring consistency and quality in every device.

Fresor MAX is another smart dual mesh technology that delivers larger cloud and long-lasting taste. The dual mesh coils work in harmony, with the first mesh coil used for a preset period before the second mesh coil is activated to prevent the flavor from fading.

Fresor MAX boasts a faster e-liquid supply, thanks to the 5A anti-leakage technology and a triple solution for leakage prevention. It consists of four-layer e-liquid conducting cotton, silicone chamber and maze airway, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience.

Fresor will be taking its latest technology to the Vaper Expo UK 2023 in Birmingham from 12-14 May.