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A new era for Vape Business begins

March 31, 2021

Trying the system out in one of the city's IQOS-friendly restaurants

As the world creeps back to normality, Vape Business has relaunched as a standalone title. Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski explains why it is another sign of the bright future ahead for the category

Last week, we launched first standalone issue of Vape Business (You can read it in full here). This issue marks the beginning of a new era for Vape Business as we prepare to help retail businesses of all kinds to capitalise on the emergence of vape products, heat-not-burn devices and nicotine pouches.

And while this issue arrives on your doorstep as we near the end of yet another national lockdown, 2021 remains full of hope and opportunity for businesses to grow back stronger after the most difficult twelve months most stores will have ever experienced.

In fact, as Go Local convenience retailer Bay Bashir tell us in an opinion piece this week, as normality eventually returns this year many stores like his will be looking to review ranges and fully take advantage of exciting opportunities such as vape once there is less pressure on simply operating safely and within the law.

Be assured that Vape Business will be here to guide you through this each and every step of the way. So, what does this newly expanded Vape Business offer you? Each month we will arrive in your issue of Asian Trader with more category guides, news and commentary than ever before. In addition, each copy of Vape Business will be filled with even more advice and ideas for how you can grow your sales and profits. This week we focus on the run up to VApril in our in-depth special feature.

We also take a look at the crucial e-liquids market in a must-read category guide. Over the coming months I look forward to bringing you more great news and insight and hearing how we can help you to make more money from the vape, heat not burn and oral nicotine product categories.

Until then – stay safe,

Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski Editor, Vape Business