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dateWednesday 3rd July 2019

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Vape Business Forecourt

The Vape Business Retail Awards are open to retailers operating in this channel selling a range of products to the consumer.

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1 What are the qualities and achievements that make you stand out from the competition in this category?
2 What is your best-selling product – hardware and liquid?
3 Identify two key challenges facing vape retailing and explain your plans for taking advantage of them
4 Which manufacturer has done the most to support your vape business over the last year and how have they done it?
5 How much growth have you seen in this sector?
6 How many product lines do you stock?
Please send a maximum of 4-5 photos of your store, including images of both the inside and outside, and your vaping gantry/displays. Max size for each image is 2MB.
Max. Size 2 MB.


1 Type of business (please tick nearest answer)  
Convenience Store Vape Specialist Discounter Supermarket Forecourt
Pharmacy Wholesaler Distributor Manufacturer    
2 How do you trade?
3 How long have you been trading?
4 Do you belong to a symbol group?
Yes No
5 Which Cash and Carry(s)/Wholesaler(s)/Discounter(s) do you use? Please write in name(s)
6 How often do you visit trade websites?
7 Would you like to receive regular emails from Asian Trader with special promotions?
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To reserve a seat or a table at the Asian Trader Awards or for any further information about the Awards please contact Daksha Ganatra, event manager, on 020 7654 7743 or [email protected]