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Video: Lung specialist recommends vaping to smokers

July 21, 2020


Dr Matt Evison, a Manchester-based NHS lung specialist, fronts a new video ‘pleading’ with smokers to give up combustible tobacco, and suggesting e-cigarettes as an effective tool.

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, the organisation behind the video, says 2,400 people in the Greater Manchester area have died from smoking-related illnesses already in 2020.

In the video Dr Evison says: “Nicotine is relatively harmeless and is not the causes of the diseases in smoking. That is caused by the poisonous chemicals created when tobacco is burned and inhaled. There are many different ways to tackle this powerful addiction. That includes getting nicotine in safer ways, such as nicotine replacement therapies like e-cigarettes that are proving a very popular and effective way for smokers to stop.”

Smokers in the Manchester area can find further support and advice on stopping smoking at YouCanGM.org.