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Totally Wicked launches vape recycling scheme in stores

May 17, 2023


Vape retailer Totally Wicked has launched a national vape recycling initiative in partnership with Veolia, a sustainability solutions provider.

Veolia last month announced the launch of a national vape collection service to help provide safe disposal and recycling routes for the three million vapes currently thrown away each week.

As part of the scheme, vape disposal bins will be available in all of the 154 Totally Wicked stores nationwide, where customers can return any brand of vape bought from any retailer for free. The vapes will be then transferred to a safe, fire-retardant storage solution, where they are collected and taken away for recycling.

The retailer said the store programme offers a convenient and effective way for vapers to dispose of their used devices, while reducing waste and promoting sustainable vaping.

“As a responsible vaping brand, we recognise that it’s not enough to simply sell high-quality vaping products. We must also take responsibility for the environmental impact of those products and work to minimise it as much as possible,” Marcus Saxton, Totally Wicked chief executive, said.

“By providing a comprehensive recycling program for vapes, we’re taking concrete steps to reduce waste and promote sustainability within the vaping industry. We believe that this is an essential part of our duty, which in conjunction with our importer and retailer obligations, ensures we truly live and breathe our responsibilities as true leaders in our field, and an ethical business, which sits at the heart of our organisation.”

The recycling scheme aims to prevent used vapes from ending up in landfill and littering the streets by recycling valuable components and returning them to the manufacturing supply chain.

The retailer added that it is looking at extending drop off points to its many partners across the UK.