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Home News Scottish retailer launches ‘Save Vaping’ campaign with open letter to ministers

Scottish retailer launches ‘Save Vaping’ campaign with open letter to ministers

March 30, 2023

Photo: iStock

Vape retailer Scotvapes has launched a campaign protesting the efforts to ban the single use vapes in Scotland.

The retailer has released an open letter to the Scottish health and environment ministers, saying it is a response to the “latest witch hunt against disposables and misinformation surrounding the role of flavours in vaping.”

Scotvapes has also urged the consumers to join the campaign by signing the letter.

The Scottish government has in January commissioned an urgent review of the environmental impacts and management of single-use vapes, with a potential ban on single-use disposable vapes under consideration.

The letter states that the different flavours of e-liquid are a huge contributory factor in enabling vapers to move away from traditional cigarettes, reducing the association to traditional cigarettes.

“There is no need for nicotine to be associated with tobacco anymore. A flavour ban only helps the tobacco industry,” it added.

Commenting on the issues of waste from disposable vapes and its use by underage people, the letter suggests a “very easy fix” by repealing the 2ml tank capacity for a “more sensible” 10ml tank capacity and allowing the adding of a charging port to devices.

The retailer noted that this would increases the price point beyond the affordable level for underage buyers and would approximately equate to a ‘one week vape’, with an estimated 80 per cent reduction in direct waste from disposables.

“We are asking you, as our government, to listen to the opinion of the vaping community and those who have directly benefited from vaping as a means to stop smoking,” the letter reads.