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Middle East vape firm ANDS expands into UK

April 19, 2023

Fadi Maayta

ANDS, a trademark owner of alternative nicotine delivery systems, is expanding its global footprint with the opening of its new European headquarters in London.

ANDS has grown significantly since it was formed just before the pandemic and currently operates in 14 countries, working with major vape brands and retailers.

Currently one of the company’s main markets is global travel retail, supplying products to outlets in international airports and border shops. In the UK, ANDS will be selling its own product range to supermarkets, convenience stores, specialist vape stores and retail outlets in the main airports across the country.

The business was co-founded by Fadi Maayta, who previously held senior executive positions at Juul Labs and Philip Morris International before setting up ANDS.

To support growth in the UK and Europe, ANDS has embarked on a major recruitment programme. It has already appointed Dr Marina Murphy as director of scientific and medical affairs. Murphy was formerly head of international public health advocacy at Juul Labs and prior to that head of scientific media relations at British American Tobacco. ANDS is also currently in the process of appointing a new managing director for its European operations.

The company will be launching a single-use vape product made using recyclable and recoverable materials onto the UK market, along with a recycling programme designed to incentivise consumers to dispose of their device in a way that reduces the impact on the environment.

Maayta, who leads ANDS’ entrance into the UK market, said: “We have been drawn to the UK by the pragmatic approach of the government and the robust regulations that are in place. We also see a real need to address the growing pains that the industry is currently experiencing, including the development of a fit-for purpose recycling framework for the UK.”