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JUUL becomes top closed vaping brand in UK

July 9, 2019


JUUL has become the number one closed vaping brand in the UK market, latest IRI data shows.

The brand which took the US market by storm has achieved the feat in less than a year in the UK.

Launched in traditional retail in November with Sainsbury’s, the brand now corners 36.8 percent of sales of the top four closed pod systems (JUUL, myBlu, Vype Epen3 and Logic Compact).

It has also secured key listings in a number of retailers and now has a 6.8 percent share of the total vaping market in traditional retail (multiple and convenience channels).

John Patterson, sales director for JUUL Labs, commented: “Closed Pod systems now account for almost 20 percent of the total vaping market in traditional retail and continue to be the driving force behind the category with over 12 percent like-for-like sales growth in the past month. This follows continuous growth since the beginning of the year while open system sales actually fell by over 2 percent in June.”

JUUL is driving the growth with a 27 percent uplift in June sales compared to May and is the only major pod brand to have achieved double-digit sales growth every month this year.

Patterson added that independent retailers have not yet exploited the full potential of the vape market, despite these trends.

“Convenience and impulse outlets are still some way behind the market in terms of product offering. Despite having 45 percent of the tobacco category in terms of sales they have less than 10 percent of vape sales which presents them with a massive opportunity,” he said.

“At least 20% of a retailer’s vape fixture should be allocated to closed pod systems and key brands should have major visibility within the fixture. JUUL is now the market leader in closed pod systems making it a must stock for any retailers offering vaping products.”

JUUL devices use patented JUULpods nicotine salts to replicate the nicotine delivery of cigarettes. The pods are available in two nicotine strengths (18mg/ml and 9mg/ml) and a range of adult-oriented flavours (Golden Tobacco, Glacier Mint, Mango Nectar, Royal Creme, Apple Orchard and Alpine Berry).

The company has also recently embarked on an extensive consumer advertising campaign across ten major UK cities featuring real life JUUL users who successfully switched to JUUL from combustible cigarettes.