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Geek Bar unveils new Meloso range

May 2, 2023

The Meloso launch

Disposable vape brand Geek Bar has launched its new Meloso range, powered by a unique Vape Processing Unit (VPU) and with looks to ensure it stands out from the crowd.

Geek Bar said the stunning design and shiny metallic base will appeal to discerning adult vapers while, on the inside, the ground-breaking VPU delivers the smoothest-ever taste with intense flavours and a fruity aroma.

The brand hopes this marriage of design strength and technological breakthroughs will make Meloso devices a top selling product in the UK.

Geek Bar said it is acutely aware that the new range is being launched as the UK’s vaping industry is under intense scrutiny resulting from issues including the recent overfilling controversy and youth uptake.

The Meloso series has been designed to have a particular adult appeal so that it stands out and gets noticed for its stylish looks.

“As a responsible company we do all we can to discourage youth uptake. One recurring criticism from parents and teachers is that vapes can look other objects a young person may have in their school bag, but this is not so for Meloso,” Potti Lan, chief marketing officer of Geekvape, parent company of Geek Bar.

“We have incorporated a gleaming metallic base into this range so that it stands out and has that ‘Wow!’ factor which makes people to stop and stare. This is the last thing a young person would choose when trying to avoid attention from parents or teachers.”

Lan also explained that regulatory compliance was an integral part of the company’s ethos.

“When counterfeit Geek Bar products were flooding the market, we were told that we could maintain our competitive advantage by changing our name and overfilling but we steadfastly refused to do either one,” he said.

“I am extremely proud of Geek Bar products where everyone in the company has worked hard to build up the good name and reputation it enjoys all over the world and we are not going to throw that away.

“Compliance is as important to us as our commitment to bring out the best vaping products in the world. We test our products to ensure that they are of the highest quality and that they meet all the safety and regulatory standards in the countries where they are sold.

“Regulatory compliance is vital to ensuring confidence in the market and as a leading player in the global vape industry we take our responsibilities in this area very seriously indeed.”

The technology platform VPU, recently launched by Geekvape, integrates the most recent advancements in fluid and thermal transmission, material safety, and advanced material research to provide a comprehensive solution for customers.