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Car concept UpBAR GT arrives with pioneering mesh coil

December 29, 2022


Chinese e-cigarette brand Upends has recently released its brand new next-gen mesh coil technology and UpBAR GT, billed as the world’s first car concept disposable vape equipped with the next-gen mesh coil.

Since the release of its ‘Mesh Coil is the Future’ brand proposition, Upends has been dedicated to the innovation of mesh coil technology and has made many breakthroughs before unveiling its next-gen mesh coil.

“Compared with traditional mesh coils, its flavor reproduction increased by 38 per cent, puffs increased by 33 per cent and energy efficiency increased by 36 per cent with the same e-liquid capacity”, said Dr Wu, the chief product officer of Upends.

“We are so excited to release the next-gen mesh coil, and we believe that our customers will be satisfied with the strong performance and longevity it brings.”

Besides optimising the coil, Upends has also upgraded technologies of the whole cotton coil platform for better performance and quality control. It features a V-shaped air inlet design that can accelerate aerosol delivery, decrease condensate and provide stronger smoke, compared with normal straight channels.

Meanwhile, there’s literally no possibility of burnt tastes and oil leakage thanks to its industry-first Tesla value, unique separate air exchange and e-liquid supply channels and multi-layer seal leakage-proof, the brand claimed.

The brand is all set to launch UpBAR GT, the disposable vape equipped with this technology, in January.

The product seeks inspiration from sports cars and stands out from the crowd with its streamlined design and V-shaped grille decorations. GT is the abbreviation of Grand Touring, a type of car designed for high speed and long-distance driving, which also implies the features such as high quality, stability, security and more of UpBAR GT. In addition, there is an eco-friendly version using recycled materials.